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As the UAE prepare for its next 50 years, Nafis will help achieve a sustainable and diverse economy where qualified and enabled Emiratis contribute to the increasing role the private sector plays in advancing economic development.

Nafis is a collaboration between multiple stakeholders in the public and private sectors. Through tailored initiatives, Nafis will help integrate Emiratis in critical and new fields within the private sector.

Nafis Overview

Emirati Salary Support Scheme

Government support for salaries of Emirati nationals aiming to work in the private sector

Unemployment Benefit

Financial support for up to 6 months to look for a job in the case of an involuntary job loss in the private sector

Merit Program

A fixed monthly salary support to be provided to Emirati workers in targeted fields, including nurses, accountants and financial auditors, coders and others

Child Allowance Scheme

For the first time, government child allowance funding will be provided for Emirati employees working in the private sector

Pension Program

A five-year government support plan for the pension contribution of Emirati employees through a rebate, as well as support for the contribution of private sector employers

On-the-job Training Support

The “on-the-job Training support” aims to support the salaries of Emirati nationals wishing to get involved in practical training programs in the private sector through Nafis. ​

Apprentice Program Support

The apprentice program provides financial support for freshly graduated Emiratis that take up apprenticeships in private and semi-private companies through Nafis

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